Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Potential Job Prospect

I'm not sure if I've mentioned the Red Cross job before but I did an interview today with them for a Public Affairs Officer position that they have open. A friend used to occupy the position within the organization but she has since left to join the military to, as she puts it, "blow shit up."

Hey, more power to her.

She didn't leave, however, without leaving behind some impressions of me with the staff there and putting in a few good words on my behalf, bless her heart. She was instrumental for helping me get the interview which I do appreciate, especially since this is exactly where I want to be at this point and time. A nice juicy communications position in town that can springboard into something else sometime in the future. Working in an area I enjoy, getting paid well and working up some practical experience that I otherwise would not have gotten toiling away on the internet.

The interview itself went pretty well. They nailed me on one or two areas (there was no way to talk around a few of the things they asked me about) but I'm not sure it's really a big issue. We'll see, I guess, if I ultimately don't get the position. Maybe it was more important that I figured it would be. Ah well, it's in their hands now. No point obssessing.

I'm pretty sure that there is one or two other people who are in the running but Bonnie (my 'friend on the inside') says that I have a really good shot so, fingers crosed, knock on wood and all of that nonsense.

The job search continues but if lady luck is smiling down on me, it will end by the close of next week. That's when I'll know.

Maybe I should rub my cat for luck.

Onwards and upwards!


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