Monday, September 05, 2005

Just Another Monday LinkBlog

Another Monday, another linkblog. Let's see what we have in the bookmarks today...

Dan Hays, writing for The Statesman Journal, claims that Anina Bennett and Paul Guinan's Heartbreakers Meet Boilerplate " so much fun it is almost a guilty pleasure." He has some other nice words to say about it which you can check out by clicking through here.

DVD Times finally offers some word on the long-awaited Dominion: Prequel to The Exorcist DVD here. There's an image of the box art as well as a listing of features that will be included on the disc (yes, Virginia, there will be an audio commentary). Oh yeah, and the release date will be October 25th.

While doing some research on P. Craig Russell I ran across this interesting website for the Conan animated film, Red Nails. On the website they have some images showing concept art and background layouts for the film including work by the film's Lead Concept Designer, Michael Wm. Kaluta. Worth stopping by to check it out, I'm sure.

I was going to give this its own post a while ago but it's still sitting in my bookmarks so I'll throw it out here instead. Jill Thompson's wonderful Scary Godmother's Halloween Spooktacular will be getting a sequel courtesy of the fine folks at Mainframe Entertainment. The title for the second installment will be Scary Godmother 2: The Revenge of Jimmy and will, no doubt, follow the events of the book by the same name. There doesn't appear to be anything on the Mainframe website regarding the project, but the press release does say the special will air this Halloween on the Cartoon Network.

That's it for another Monday LinkBlog. I'm off to have some breakfast.


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