Friday, September 16, 2005

It's Getting Better All the Time

I got some good news today, especially in light of my last post regarding the new job. I sat down to talk with the GM about my hours for next week and he informed me that he was starting me at a higher pay rate than what I normally would've started at. So now, I'm making about $2 an hour more than previously believed, and he also promised me a whack of hours, so things are looking up. Of course I won't have as much time to squander on lighter pursuits, but what are you gonna do?

My wife also just got word that she may be up for a trip to London and surrounding area doing some all expenses paid archival work, so the atmosphere at Jozic Central is good.

Oh yeah, I also got Seth Fisher's last batch of answers and they're really great. I can't wait to get them posted.

More later...


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