Monday, March 19, 2007

Star Wars Lost Scenes

It's always surprised me that George has never made these scenes available as a deleted scene on any of the Star Wars collections or DVDs. The only place I had ever seen them prior to this was on the Behind the Magic CDROM which was a sort of encyclopaedia for the original trilogy, something they followed up with an Episode I set of discs and then gave up on the format altogether.

Pity, really. I kind of enjoyed them and hate surfing the Databank on the official site when I'm looking for obscure Star Wars info.

I ran across this clip of the scenes all edited up in chronological order the other day and thought I would post it, moreso out of novelty than any other driving concern. If you haven't seen these than they are kind of neat to watch, otherwise, you've got the whole story anyways and don't need me rattling on about it.

Onwards and upwards!


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