Monday, January 09, 2006

Galactica is BACK!

I just watched the latest episode of the newly returned Battlestar Galactica and I'm pretty pleased. I was worried about not being able to get into the show again after having it gone for so long, but I should have knoiwn that R&D would conspire to knock my socks off yet again. "Resurrection Ship - Part 1" was a great way to kick off the second half of the season and the cliffhanger ending for the episode (which I knew was coming but was still nailed by) is going to go a long way to maintaining some momentum for the show in the coming months.

If you're not watching this show yet (yes, Brad, I'm talking to you) go now and find it. Buy or rent the first season (or acquire it thorugh more questionable means if you have to). Then do the same with Season 2.0. Do what you have to do but get on the bandwagon. This show is simply one of the best written and executed dramas on television.



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