Friday, March 24, 2006

Submitting to a Higher Power

Welp, I just sent in my submission for a reviewer job over at PopMatters. I had to put together two past writing samples and write up a brand-spanking new one that, if accepted, will be run on the site as my first contribution.

I'm looking forward to hearing what they say. The site is a pretty good place for pop culture analysis and they have some really good people writing for them. I'm especially impressed by their reviewers tendency to review the bonus features on a DVD in the same manner they would the main feature. As a features junkie, the site has been a help to me in the past when deciding between purchasing alternate versions of certian movies on disc, so it'll be fun if I end up joining the club, as it were.

The only unfortunate aspect of the whole deal is that the work is all without pay, so it would be kind of a return to the same-old same-old for me. On the plus side, they promise a lot of swag like preview copies of movies and tickets and the like.

Anyway, I'll probably hear back within the week as to whether or not I was accepted and I'll be sure to post notice here if I am.

Update: My submission mail seems to be bouncing, so this may all have been for naught. I'm going to explore this problem over the next 24 hours or so and see what comes of it. I'm hoping it's just a tech problem and not some other reason (like I was late submitting, or something).


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