Thursday, March 02, 2006

Structural Engineering

I've spent the better part of two weeks hammering out what I thought was a pretty good structural foundation for my screenplay-turned-comic-book-script, Smitten. I had most of the details worked out and mapped out the events to span roughly three or four issues of a 22 page comic book. With most of the nuts and bolts out of the way, I really only needed some tweaking here and there to increase plausability in some of the situations, and to make the relationship line more believeable since the whole story sort of hinges on me selling that one to the audience. I mean, when you're doing a script where you have two characters coming together in a romantic relationship but one of them is absent for 99% of the story, you've got some big hurdles to overcome.

On the plus side, I think I've successfully wrestled that angel.

Tonight, I had a bit of a rap session with my wife where we worked out some of the old problems and came up with some new ideas that will, I hope, flesh out a couple of the characters and add some much needed humour to the whole thing. We also talked about how I can make the first act turning point and the story's climax more true to the original concept while simultaneously adding some dynamism that will help me avoid hitting some very big clich├ęd moments. I'm really excited about where this could go, now, and I'm going to start the hard part (the first draft) as soon as I can get past the fear of starting a new project.

I'm doing everything I can to avoid actually putting words to the word processor right now (hence the posting) but I'm planning on, at the very least, getting a page or so down before I hit the sack tonight.

Wish me luck!


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