Sunday, March 05, 2006

From Cerebus to Gun-Fu

I was pretty surprised to see this interview over at The Pulse. One of my 'favourite' interviewers, Jennifer Contino, takes a crack at the always interesting (but not always likeable) Dave Sim. Dave has apparently written a one-shot for Howard Shum's Gun-Fu series which is a send-up of the ol' Sean Connery area Bond films. I'd be curious to check this out just based on the fact that Dave's written it, but seeing as how I'm currently slogging through Dave's 'Chasing Yahweh' nonsense in my quest to finish off Cerebus, I'm interested to see something from him that doesn't involve religion, Woody Allen gags or lengthy text pages.

I guess Gun-Fu is out this month. YOu can also check in on CBR for another Dave interview here.


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