Friday, February 17, 2006

Joss Whedon Podcast

I just ran into this interesting bit of fun while trolling on the Millarworld Forums. It's a pretty decent little podcast of a Marvel press conference regarding the Astonishing X-Men picking up again where it left off a few months ago. It's a round robin of press and Joss doing the ol' Q&A with Joss being amusing, as he is prone to being when publicly speaking.

I have to admit listening to Whedon interviews is a mixed bag for me. It sort of brings out the 'bitter boy', to a certain degree, seeing as I've been this close to interviewing him on about three or four occasions. I actually had a confirmation on one when I began the odyssey that is my Buffy Post Mortem, but he backed out at the last minute. My man in the know at Dark Horse has tried to nab Joss every time I've asked since Fray hit the stands, I think, so kudos to you, Lee. You're a prince among men.

But, yeah, as much as I enjoy them, I get a little cranky around them. Joss has sort of turned into my white whale, as far as the interview world goes. The quest never ends, but you can be damned sure it has a way of discouraging a guy.

I'm rambling, now. It's a cool listen clocking in around 30 minutes, or so. Go check it out if you like Joss or the X-Men.



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