Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hey Kids, Comics! For 02/11/09

Welcome to yet another weekly installment of HK,C! and a moderately sized pull-list.

  • Bold is what I will grab for sure.

  • Italics mean it's something I want, but won't necessarily pick it up right away.

  • Regular text indicates something that has caught my eye but is either too pricey to be reasonable, or I would only pick up as an impulse buy. More than likely I'll read it at some point but not own it.


    STAR WARS CLONE WARS #4 (OF 6) (One of the better Star Wars books out there and just as enjoyable as the show.)

    BATMAN #686 (My curiosity will get the better of me on this one.)

    REBELS #1 (I'll try just about anything that has ties to the old Keith Giffen stuff.)

    SPIRIT #26 (One of the better DC titles going.)

    AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #586 (I've been enjoying the story so far.)

    ANGEL #17 (I'm eager to find out this series wraps up.)

    That's it for this week. Have a great Wednesday at your LCS. If for some reason you don't know where that is, try here.


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