Monday, February 16, 2009

Farscape Makes Its Mark In Comics

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According to ICV2, BOOM! Studios Farscape comic is selling very well for them. They've hit the multiple printings point with the first two issues and things are looking good for the immediate future. It's kind of nice to see another franchise other than Buffy or Angel able to do well in this post-television-series-conclusion-rebirth-as-a-comic-book market. I'd be curious to know how these new books compare sales-wise with the two issues put out by Wildstorm some years back. I thought the comics were solid reads with great production values at the time (written by Marv Wolfman, I believe, with art by Robert Taranishi?) but clearly did not sell well enough to continue with more minis beyond the first.

Now if I can just finish up the frelling television series so I can actually read the damn things...


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