Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I've Decided I'm Watching the Watchmen

I was very leery of the upcoming Watchmen film directed by Zack Snyder. I wasn't really planning on seeing it and I was pretty sure that if I did it would not be in a first run theatre. Lately, however, I've run across some video journals on iTunes regarding the making of the movie and, I have to say, I'm getting kind of excited. Now, I still do not think Rorshcach should have that gravel in his voice and I do have some surface issues with some of the casting (I'm sure I'll be proven wrong once I see their performances), but the more clips I see from the movie, and from what I've seen of the art direction in the docs, I think this thing has a chance to be a truly great movie. Not just a great comic book movie, I mean a movie that guys in tweed suits will one day refer to as a film. I don't think it will do the same kind of business as something like The Dark Knight, but I do think the viewing public and Warner Bros. will be very happy with Snyder and what he has cooked up here.

For more info, hit iTunes for the production docs, or click through on the widget below to zip over to the official website where there are more goodies to peruse.



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