Friday, February 13, 2009

Sorting Out the DVDs

Okay, so I have to reorganize all of my DVDs because of some new shelving units that we're putting in. Previous to this, I had them all out of their respective cases and put into paper sleeves which were organized in four drawers at the bottom of a shelving unit we've had in the living room for a while. The system worked well for some time but things have been getting a bit tight in recent weeks, and with Jen freaking out over the way my collectible stuff has been spilling over into every room, I couldn't say no to the shift.

What I didn't expect was 1)the sheer volume of DVD cases I had to pull out of boxes and stuff onto shelves, 2)the staggering prospect of having to go through all those paper sleeves and put the discs all back in their respective cases, and 3)all of this inspiring me to download a DVD database program and getting caught up in it for the last 3 or 4 hours.

One of the features on this software that will come in useful for me is the 'lending' tag. I have such a large collection that I'm always lending movies and season sets to friends (you know who you are). Lately, I've lent so many out that I'm finding it hard to keep track of them all, and it would never occur to me to just write them down on paper before sending them out. With this program, I can search all the lent out movies and it will give me a list along with the names of those people whom I've lent them to. Pretty happy about my new toy, if you can't tell.

Anyway, I should probably take one more spin at the logging and then hit the sack before I stay up all night.



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