Thursday, December 04, 2008

"Oh, Canada!"

What can I say, I'm embarrassed by the political situation in my country. Sure, it's a minority government and everybody hates the right wing, but forming a coalition between the Liberal and NDP parties? Now, bear in mind that this coalition would be led by the guy who was told he wouldn't be continuing as leader of the Liberal party after the last election, and that it is supported by the Bloc who, by nature, serves Quebec's own self-interests (and yet, strangely, is a national party), in the hopes of toppling the democratically elected Conservative party and current Prime Minister.

And all of this just 7 weeks after we had an election. What is this, 4 or 5 in the last six years?

And people call American's crazy.

Update: I just caught this quote from Jack Layton on Google News:

"I cannot have confidence in a prime minister who would throw the locks on the door of this place, knowing that he's about to lose a vote in the House of Commons. That's denying about as fundamental a right as one has in a democracy."

What an ass. Yeah, and creating a party, deposing the current leader, and installing yourself as the Big Kahuna are what the principles of Democracy are based on. These guys all behave like children on the Hill (and I'm including everyone here, not just the folks I don't like) and I just want to shake my head any time I see them speak on any 'issues'.

And never let it be said that the NDP would ever turn down an idea that would get them closer to the power they could never attain on their own.

If they manage to knock the Conservatives out, bully for them. If they have the stuff to solve our country's problems I'm all for it! But 38% of Canadians did vote for Harper's tories while none of the other parties, individually, managed to top that so, if they want to form a new coalition party, they should have another election and see if the remaining 62% of Canada rallies behind them. That seems fair to me. Not just slip in and start playing house under the assumption that if you didn't vote Conservative you clearly would have voted for the Coalition, especially with Dion at the helm.

There is a reason the Liberals have been failing to get the kind of support they need outside of Ontario and Montreal. They spent 16 years in power getting fat, lazy, and cocking it up more often than they got it right. I would gladly vote for them again if they came off as gave a little less lip service and stopped blowing smoke up my ass.

Update 2: Just caught this from Layton also said his party expects to vote against the government at the earliest opportunity.

Don't you even want to see the budget, Jack?

I also point you to this article from The National Post. I find this a bit disturbing:

Although only two parties have signed this accord, the coalition cannot survive without the support of the Bloc Quebecois. The Bloc negotiated a permanent consultation mechanism and will have veto power over any major initiative, including he budget and all measures it deems of interest to Quebec.


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