Tuesday, November 08, 2005

On the Battlefront

I don't normally do game posts, but I had some fun with the ol' Xbox this week so I thought I would mention it.

I got a craving the other day to play some Xbox so I invited my brother to come over and spend a few hours blowing up CIS droids in the new Star Wars game, Battlefront. I didn't enjoy the first game when I played it way back when but I have to say that I'm certainly enjoying its sequel. Quite a bit, actually. In this version you can play not only infantry units but also Jedi characters if you earn it and you get to participate in the space battles as well. You get to fulfill mission objectives during the capital ship combat then you board the cruisers and assault the other ships bridge or engine room or whatever. Fun for the whole family.

Some people loved being able to shoot Ewoks in the last game but I'm a sucker for Rise of the Empire period Star Wars stuff. I am a discerning fan, however. I don't go for just any SW product, it has to be pretty cool as well. Battlefront fits the bill, plays comfortably and has a low learning curve so there's nothing much to master right up front. As long as you can aim and shoot you'll do all right and you can pick up the subtleties of the game as you go.

Oh, and for the Star Wars minded reader, SciFi.com has a nice little interview with producer Rick McCallum covering the upcoming TV show, the animated series, the 3D Episode IV, and some other stuff. Check it out.


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