Monday, April 13, 2009

Nothing About The Spirit Feels Safe Anymore

I will qualify first that I have yet to read the current Spirit storyline written by Michael Uslan, but flipping through the latest issue I noticed the character of Lorelai Rox, The Octopus, Ellen applying for and being accepted into medical school, and that's where I had to close the book and put it down. For those of you who don't know (or aren't paying attention), those elements and/or characters that I just mentioned were all used in the recent flop of a movie that was based on Eisner's strip of the same name which, I might add, Uslan was a producer on. Is he trying to bring the two continuities together? Is he trying to engender some love from us die-hard Spirit fans thinking this may drive us out to buy the DVD? Is DC lost and scrambling for things to do with this character and title? Is this going to be as disappointing and un-Spirit like as I'm thinking it might be?

Likely the book is just adopting a Legends of the Dark Knight anthology style to it since Evanier and Aragones appear to have left the building. Dean Motter and Paul Rivoche are on deck with the next story and Michael Avon Oeming takes a crack at Denny Colt in #30 at which point the solicitations on the DC site end. Could be a sign that the series is on its last legs as it tries to find a direction, but 30 issues is about 26 longer than I ever gave it credit for lasting over at DC, so whether it continues or ends, we had a good run.

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