Monday, April 13, 2009

Bless You You Tube

I haven't seen this video or heard this song in years-probably 16, if I'm doing the math correctly. The first time I heard it was in high-school when my brother saw it on MuchMusic one day and bought the 45rpm. He played it for me and I thought it was absolutely hilarious at the time, especially a couple of the gags related to the Beastie Boys. "No sleep 'til bedtime!" That's comedy gold.

Anyway, I later lent the only copy we had to my friend Doug, which he never returned, for whatever reason. I've often thought about it and it's a song nobody else seems to know anything about. Anytime I've mentioned Morris Minor and the Majors, people tend to think I'm crazy. I had even done an extensive Internet and YouTube search in the past and came up with nothing. Then tonight...

It seems so much less amazing now than it did then. Still, I'm thrilled that I ran across this little gem from my younger years. Now, if only I could find the B-side. I think it was called "Boring" or something like that. It's not likely I will unless Doug magically appears out of the ether and hands the thing back to me. Last I checked, he was living in the States with his family, so I'm thinking not so much with that happening.



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