Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Oh, The Things I've Seen

One of the really great things I've discovered about being a part of the Nominations Committee for the Joe Shuster Awards is getting to go through all the fantastic (and some not-so-fantastic) work done by Canadians this year in comics. Not only are there a ton of great English works but some of the French albums I was sent to review are quite amazing to look at (alas, not knowing fluent french I find the actual reading of these books somewhat challenging). The works of Loisel & Tripp and Pascal Blanchet, to name a couple, have certainly caught my eye while on the english side I've just discovered Rob Walton's Ragmop. It's nice to get that injection of new books that you would never have found yourself every once in a while. Keeps things lively and fresh.

I've included a YouTube clip of some guys discussing Loisel & Tripp at Angouleme and a video done by Blanchet to give you an idea of what their stuff looks like.

Loisel & Tripp

Pascal Blanchet

Onwards and Upwards!


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