Monday, May 29, 2006

Alex Toth (1928-2006)

If you've had an interest in comic books or animation it is more likely than not that you know the name of Alex Toth. A great artist and a brilliant designer, Toth's impact on both fields is enormous. He was a giant. He was one of those guys who made just about everybody's "who are your influences list" and never stopped working. Never stopped moving forward.

I'll admit that I was pretty flabbergasted when I first heard the news yesterday. I mean, I knew that he was just in the hospital and that his health wasn't great, but I guess being the eternal optimist I just assumed he would pull through and be one of the ones who managed to slip by fate unnoticed, squeaking in another handful of years before passing.

This, unfortunately, would not be the case.

This is the official notice from the Toth family, written by Eric Toth (Alex's son), which was posted to the SuperHeroNews newslist:


I am Alex Toth's oldest son Eric. I meant to be the one to let everyone know that my father did pass away this morning drawing/writing at his table. I do not have any further details other than I will forward an address for those interested in sending cards. We will arrange something appropriate at or around the convention this summer in San Diego. As John shared, all of your cards and letters of the recent past were very much appreciated by my father. Only in these last years did he begin to understand and accept the fact that his work had touched so many people's lives. In time, more information will follow.

Thank you.
Eric Toth and family.

I'd like to extend my deepest condolences to the Toth family and to everyone who was touched by the work. Toth will be missed by all of us.

Many other sites, many more qualified than me to be commenting on his work and life, are featuring memorials to Toth's memory. There's a good list of them over at Tom Spurgeon's The Comics Reporter and worth checking out if you want to see just what an impact he made.


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