Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sick Day...But Not All Bad

I'm off work today on yet another sick day. Man, everyone and their dog has come down with either a flu, a cold, or both at some point and time. We're operating short at work because there is a minimum of 2 people off sick every day (plus the few people off on holidays and the like, but never mind them).

Anyway, as much as I hated staying home yet again, things weren't all bad today. I did pop off for a bit with the family on a shopping trip which I was able to shanghai briefly to grab some new comics! I haven't bought any comics in about three months and I was really starting to chomp at the bit. I was particularly down because I was concerned that I would miss the final two issues of Howard the Duck, the final issue of Starlord, the beginning of Angel: After the Fall (which I have genuinely missed the boat on), and the new Courtney Crumrin book which the family has been awaiting for some months now.

So, with new reading material may come new review material (for those of you who bother to read them when I do them) but not until tomorrow at the earliest. I'm off to my brothers to install some software on his Macbook for him so he can do something with Garage Band. As tech support goes, it could be worse.



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