Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Y, Because We Like You

As I posted last time, I'm in full BKV mode and have now moved on to reading The Hood, my Runaways FCBD book and the critically lauded, Y: The Last Man. So far, I'm finding them all to be quite enjoyable (well, the Runaways story was a throwaway but I'm not holding that against him), partly because of their differences and partly because of the fact that Vaughan doesn't appear to have a schtick. I don't read 4 or 5 pages of one of his stories and go, 'OH, that's a Brian K. Vaughan story'. A lot of the big name guys have that recognizable quality and it sometimes ends up overshadowing everytrhing to the point of undermining an otherwise interesting yarn. You end up not enjoying it outright but watching for the little Morrison-isms, or the Miller-isms or the Waid-isms...whomever it happens to be that you're following at any given time. I've found that I quite like reading The Hood and having a completely different experience from the one I'm having as I read through the first year of Y.

I should probably add that the art also does a lot to contribute to this. The styles and tones of Pia Guerra's or Kyle Hotz' work does just as much to make these stories different from each other as Vaughan's writing - and if I may say so myself, both books look positively stunning, to boot.

I still haven't completely decided on it yet, but I'm definitely inches away from doing up the e-mail and making the request at this point.

I'm also on the verge of an idea that I may or may not go through with but will talk about in another post.

Until then, here's a little YouTube interview with the man in question...



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