Saturday, June 18, 2011

Satisfying my Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth PrintThis past Thursday one of my LCS' had a gallery/signing event with Canadian cartoonist, Jeff Lemire. For anyone who doesn't know Jeff, he is the creator of the Vertigo comic Sweet Tooth, his Essex County book published through Top Shelf was included as an entry in the Canada Reads competition (I think a first for the event), and he is currently writing Superboy for DC. So, Jeff made a stop here on his way through to Calgary for the Calgary Expo, putting up some artwork to sell, as well as some prints and sketchbooks, the latter of which I purchased despite wanting one of those prints, big time.

Meeting Jeff was nice, he was pretty laid back and an overall nice guy to chat with. He recommended a couple of comics to me (including EmiTown by Portlander, Emi Lenox), signed my Superboy #1, drew me a sketch on my backing board, and signed and drew a sketch in the sketchbook that I bought. Not a lot of guys do that anymore, so that was pretty cool.

Superboy #1Board SketchSketchbook DoodleSketchbook

I was planning to attend the Calgary Expo but, for various reasons, could not. Seeing as Jeff was one of the creators I was really hoping to see at the show, I can't help but feel it was kind of a nice little bit of karma floating my way. I now have to catch up on my Sweet Tooth reading because I am woefully behind and I think Jeff could tell.

Jeff Lemire & I



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