Friday, March 20, 2009

Tubular Bells

I'm listening to a copy of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells 2003 and I've hit that part where the MC announces all the instruments as they are introduced into the song. The track is called "Finale" and is one I generally enjoy. Originally it was done by Vivian Stanshall, and was later redone on Tubular Bells II by Alan Rickman. This 30th anniversary release features John Cleese who pretty much ruins it for me when he chimes in with his unmistakable enunciation. Rather than just enjoying the music for the music's sake, I feel like Oldfield is playing in a cheese shop, or something, and Cleese is there in all his Pythonesque glory.

I suppose the nice thing about this particular piece is that there are several versions of it out there over the years (all by Oldfield) and I can go back to TBII or the original whenever I want and just ignore this one.



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