Saturday, September 13, 2008

"It's like a bad Disney movie."

I browsed over to Cartoon Brew, one of my favourite stops on the internets for animated news and fun, and saw this video posted there. Clearly, it has little to do with animation short of a quick Disney reference about half way through, but I found it an interesting little sound bite from Matt Damon. It's clear, too, how uncomfortable he is with the thought of Palin becoming POTUS at some point in the future. There's visible agitation, not unlike the agitation I felt while watching 10 minutes of the Republican convention when I was over at my parents the other day.

Now, I've never thought of Damon as the next Noam Chomsky or anything like that, but he does make a valid point about Palin and, to be honest, anybody with half a brain should be thinking like this regarding the Republican VP candidate because it could very well be a reality and I can't help feeling like they're selling the American people Palin the way you would sell someone a used car. It's so transparent I find it unsettling.

Anyway, here's the vid:

Curious what anybody else thinks.

And, since I'm being uncharacteristically political, here's a fun monologue by Craig Ferguson:



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