Friday, August 15, 2008

"What Sarah Said"

My buddy Andrew was complaining about the quantity of X-Files content on the blog of late, so I thought I would try and change it up with something that might catch his attention for a change.

So, I was cruising around this morning for some Ocean Size music. I watched The Invisible last night, and like dozens of folks before me, I'm sure, I wanted to listen to the song that plays over the dream sequence at the beginning of the film, "Music For a Nurse".

I did find it but in the process I also ran across this video from Death Cab For Cutie which has totally captivated me. It was directed by Laurent Briet and I couldn't take my eyes off of this clip. There's this girl, who begins the video with the question "Does he love me?", and she attempts to garner a response from her male companion who just sits on the bed, unflinching and unresponsive, until the very end when the whole thing starts anew.

Love it. Watch it. Feel free to comment on it.



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