Monday, August 11, 2008

Golden Compass Sequel in Doubt

For almost a year now the Jozic family, and probably many fans of Phillip Pullman, have been waiting to hear word on a potential sequel for The Golden Compass. Despite a lot of "we'd really like to do one" from the films director, Chris Weitz, its producers and Pullman himself, New Line has been evasive (to say the least) on giving any indication that they would like to see one as well.

So, the kids are sitting next to me playing the PS2 game and I figure, "hmmm, I haven't checked the news on that for a while," so I hit the world wide internets, punched in a search to Google, and this is what I found.

Still not dead in the water but, man, definitely not with its head above it, either.



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