Monday, June 23, 2008

You're Welcome?

So I'm cruising around the Internet and run across this on Amazon. The page is from a TwoMorrows publication called The Best of the Legion Outpost and reprints articles and artwork from the fanzine that most fans of the Legion of Superheroes should already be familiar with.

The thing that surprised me, though, was if you read the 'Editor would like to thank...' column at the far right, you may see my name listed among a couple dozen other people who have had a far more pivotal role in Legion history than yours truly. To be perfectly honest, I can only guess as to why I'm listed. Having run a Keith Giffen focused website in the past and done several interviews where we discussed the Legion, I'm thinking that this is likely why I'm sitting next to Mike Grell, Steve Lightle, David Micheline, George PĂ©rez, Dave Cockrum and all the others. Still, I wonder what I could have contributed to thius particular publication.

I do recall being contacted a while ago by someone from TwoMorrows and asked for a scan of the cover to the Woodgod story that Keith drew over a Bill Mantlo story(Marvel Spotlight, perhaps?), so that could perhaps be the case.

Maybe I should just buy a copy and find out what, if any, connection I have to this book.

If anyone out there perhaps knows, feel free to fill me in. I'd love the skinny.



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