Thursday, June 12, 2008

Favourite X-FIles Moments #2

Before I go on to the next clip, I just wanted to touch on the last clip from "Quagmire". Imentioned in that post that I wasn't sure who wrote that particular act but I've since learned that it was an uncredited effort by the amazing Darin Morgan, writer of episodes like "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose", "Humbug" and "José Chung's From Outer Space".

No wonder it's a favourite moment of mine and many other X-Philes.

Now, the new clip is from the Chris Carter directed and written episode, "Post-Modern Prometheus". It's the conclusion of the episode and features a somewhat uncharacteristic musical number with our heroes, the episode's creature, and Cher.

I love the scene for it's strangeness and for it's touching character bits between Mulder and Scully. I'm no shipper but this was a sweet moment that you wouldn't normally see on the show and it sort of stands out to me because of it.

Believe Again.


Update: I just watched this video and it appears to be fan made and features the entire song rather than the abridged version used in the episode. The ending is still the same as in the show, but you have to endure other scenes to get through it, not to mention Cher's singing.

I'll maybe post the corrected version sometime.

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