Sunday, March 06, 2016

Deserves Got Nuthin' To Do With It

Another new episode of the podcast has gone up. This time around my co-host Dustin and I are talking about the Clint Eastwood film, Unforgiven, and determining whether or not we believe the movie deserves to be called a classic.

Normally I would post the show on Saturday but I decided ton play a little with the release schedule to see if there is a better response on Sunday instead. All the episodes eventually get their fair share of downloads over time but I did kind of feel that the announcements were falling on deaf ears on Saturdays. Sundays are a day where people are looking to load the new episodes of podcasts to listen to tomorrow at work or on their commute so it might be more upfront in their minds.

Who knows.

I'm trying to play with the metrics and see what happens.

Either way, I think we put together a pretty good episode and it's worth a listen. It's also worth throwing your two cents in if you check it out and like what you hear (or don't like what you hear). We want to get a conversation going about movies amongst cinephiles and listeners so we are trying to encourage people to give us their feedback. Also to go on iTunes and rate and/review the show. But mostly just to reach out and join the conversation so, if you're so inclined, there's your invitation. 

A couple of posts back I embedded a web player which gives access to all the episodes so you can either click through up in the first paragraph of this post to go to our LibSyn page or check out everything through the player.

Take care.

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