Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Something That Made Me Go Hmmmm

So, I'm sitting in the car after work, having just driven up in front of the house, and I started putting some touches on another poem that I started writing at work (yeah, don't even ask) and waiting for the rain to die down before going in. I had Death Cab For Cutie playing on the stereo because I had been listening to them all day, off and on. So, they're right in the middle of "The Ice Is Getting Thinner", right when that agonizingly lonely guitar comes in for the solo, and just as I stopped writing the sky opened up and down came the the rain in a torrent. I couldn't see out the windows, I couldn't very well get out of the car, and there was just me, the music and the weather. It was an interesting moment. I'd use the word poetic but that would just seem like a crass pun.

Although it is entirely unintentional, I'm also finding it not entirely coincidental that I'm in the middle of reading a Nick Hornby book and listening to a lot of DCFC. Hornby has always been the one writer who seems to know me better than I do. Alternately, Ben Gibbard has quickly become a favourite songwriter for writing many, many lyrics that seem torn from the pages of my life, thematically if not literally. I've always had a passing interest in the band but their Drive Well, Sleep Carefully DVD sort of put it all over the top for me. Now they are on heavy rotation in the ol' iTunes.

Anyway, I'm kind of trying to organize a snack run of some kind so I'm gonna blast.



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