Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Absolutely Smitten by Jenn Grant

A few days ago I went to a local watering hole and saw the inimitable Jenn Grant perform. I could go on at length about how amazing the show was, and how personable and funny she was, and how she and her band came off the stage to perform an acoustic number which happened to land her inches away from myself and my friend, and how she was so great after the show to sign some CDs for us and chat, and how I got my picture taken with her, and how I caught her as she proceeded to fall off a chair she was standing on, but I won't. Mostly because, if you have been anywhere near me within the last 120 hours, you have probably already had to endure my endless nattering and praise about the show, and the artist, already.

I managed to record a few of the performances but the audio gets a little buzzy since it was recorded it with my iPhone. I'm sure to ears that didn't attend it would sound terrible, but I still like to revisit the few tracks I caught. A couple of them were newer, unreleased tracks, too, so that was kind of cool. Still unsure if I should post any of them to YouTube, as a result, but you never know.

My only regret of the night was when I erroneously thought I was recording the aforementioned acoustic performance but wasn't. A malfunction of the finger, perhaps, relegating the experience forever to my memory. I think the song was "Rainy Day", but I can't be sure. Truly one of the most sublime experiences I have ever had at a concert.

Here's a video of hers for the song "You'll Go Far" which she says is about going away and having to come back because you've run out of money.



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