Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kevin Smith on Prince

We all have guilty musical pleasures and one of mine happens to be the that I like Prince. Ever since '83, I think, when I saw the video for "Little Red Corvette" (not my favourite Prince song, btw), he's always been on my radar to some extent. I'm not fanatical or anything, and I have nothing close to all of his albums, but there is a body of work within his discography which I think is bloody brilliant. I think he's a great composer, has some fantastic moments lyrically, and he's a hell of a showman.

I remember a while back he announced that he would be coming to Saskatchewan Place for a show, which was pretty cool. I also remember the ticket prices as being pretty steep, even at the lowest of three tiers. Still, I was totally going to figure out a way to go and see him because it wasn't the kind of act we normally got around these parts, and how often was I going to get the chance to see the guy perform?

Before I even had a chance to figure out a way to afford a couple of seats, he cancelled the show almost as quickly as it was announced. An article in the paper the next day spoke of how Prince's representation informed them of how he operates. He likes to do shows like an army does a beach landing. He comes in quickly, makes a splash and before you know it, it's over. They also said he could just as easily cancel on a whim because he felt the vibe was wrong or some jive like that. It maintained the spectacle of a Prince show, and shone a spotlight on the strange quixotic personality of his royal badness.

The point of that story is just to lead in to this Kevin Smith bit from his Evening With Kevin Smith DVD where he talks about his week up at Paisley Park and his experience with Prince and a documentary they were supposed to produce together.



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